So you are headed to work or maybe school on a Monday morning and if you drive down Townsend Ave. you probably have seen ElderAdo Financial many times.

What always catches my eye is their billboard sayings each week. It's always fun to start your day off with a positive, or silly joke. This morning it said: "Tell me when and where and I'll be 30 Minutes late.

Jim Elder and his wife Janet have been serving Montrose with investment management since the late 1990s. Their daughter Jaimee C. works there as well as a certified financial planner. Her husband Daniel is part of the business as well. Their daughter Jaimee is also part of the Montrose Chamber. Jim and his wife are such nice people. If you know Jim, you know he has quite a personality.

Now let's head down to the Hampton Inn hotel. It's so cool to see them put the employees' names up with their anniversaries. It's nice to be recognized. I've talked to many employees at many jobs that just don't feel appreciated. No doubt a lot changed since the Covid-19 pandemic started. So many work remotely now.

If your job recognizes you working hard, that's so awesome! People want to feel appreciated no matter what they do for a living. Thank you to Jim Elder at ElderAdo Finacial for postings those fun sayings each week. They brighten our days. And thank you to Hampton Inn for honoring your employees.

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