I've often wondered when traveling through an airport, where are people traveling to? Hopefully, on their way to rest and relaxation. They could be headed to see family or just plain work. I recently took a trip to Virginia Beach to see my family. I traveled from Montrose to Denver first, there were so many traveling during the holiday season. So much hurry in the air.

The Denver airport has so many great shops, restaurants, and areas to relax in, as well. A longer layover is always awesome there. I found a spot near my departing gate to just take it all in. There were fire pits outside and of course the beautiful mountains to admire. Upon awaiting my flight I saw a lady with tears in her eyes, and then a reunion with a child. The hellos and goodbyes get to me every time. Since COVID-19 I noticed not as many people chatting on the plane.

In the busy world we live in each day, I find comfort in traveling. I enjoy chatting with other travelers. It's definitely a way to learn about other cities, towns, or countries I'd love to visit one day. It doesn't cost a thing to be nice either. Leaving Norfolk yesterday morning I encountered the nicest people at the little shops. In case you were wondering Virginia Beach is a beautiful place, especially in the early winter. Wherever you may be flying in the future, stop and visit with other travelers. It may just change your day. Time to start working on that bucket list for the future. Safe Travels!

Traveling Holiday Fun

Traveling during the Holidays

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