Let's talk about chili. There's Red, and until I moved to Colorado I discovered there's green. There's beef, pork, and even chicken, but let's get down to the basic deal here: Does your chili have beans in it?

Texas Chili

If you are from Texas, having beans in chili is anathema. That's a big word to express a very strongly held belief that if you put beans in it, it's not chili. For our friends from the Lone Star State, putting beans in chili is like putting mustard on ice cream. It's just not done.

Non-Bean Chili

You can enjoy it with grated cheese, sour cream, crackers, or whatever you like. You can even just enjoy it by itself. I've had non-bean chili, it's really good!

Chili with Beans

I use to only eat chili with beans until I spent a year living in Texas and found out otherwise. I prefer to put half kidney beans and half pinto beans in mine. I add it to about a pound of ground beef, and all the spices, too. A little extra cayenne makes it so good. Texans would more likely call it a stew.

Chili on It All

I also like chili on my hot dogs. How about chili on enchiladas? So delicious. Whether you are a straight chili eater, have no beans, or like me, have plenty of plump juice beans in the mix, have some chili. It's pretty cold outside and it'll warm you right up. Don't get me started on stews, will save that for next time.

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