John Lewis Dyer is a name that's been known around Colorado for decades and decades. The aforementioned individual was a famous Methodist minister who preached the word of God around the Centennial State during the late 1800s.

Father Dyer traveled across the state and into the mountains on a makeshift pair of snowshoes. In addition to religious work, the minister participated in mineral prospecting to make a living throughout his adult life.

Between 1879-1880, Dyer was appointed to the Breckenridge Circuit forcing him to move closer to that area. In 1881, Father Dyer built a small log cabin and a church on a lot of land on French Street in Breckenridge. The remote homestead was located along Indiana Creek. He called his newly founded town (of sorts), Dyersville.

It was during this time that Father Dyer also became very acquainted with mining methods. He worked as a mining claim locator and established the Warrior's Mark Mine near the top of Boreas Pass. Other miners moved to Dyersville, also on a quest for riches.

Warrior's Mark Mine eventually closed in 1908. Due to the town’s high elevation, it was quickly abandoned after the mining opportunities dried up. Nowadays, the secluded former mining camp in Summit County is just a ghost town. Nearly a dozen log cabins, some old pieces of rusty equipment, and several roofless walls remain.

The church which once sat on Dyer's property has since been expanded, remodeled, and moved to the corner of Briar Rose and Wellington in Breckenridge. It's now known as the Father Dyer United Methodist Church.

Getting There

Dyersville is located 6 miles south of Breckenridge in Indian Gulch. Take Boreas Pass out of either Breckenridge from the north or Como from the south. The best time to visit the area is during the summer when snow isn't restricting access to the dirt road. A vehicle with a four-wheel drive is recommended to reach the abandoned location regardless.

Father John's Legacy

John Dyer has two mountain peaks named after him: Father Dyer Peak in the Ten Mile Range and Dyer Mountain. The Colorado pioneer is buried in Castle Rock's Cedar Hill Cemetery alongside many of his family members.

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