I love strange facts about states. Ever since I was a young child, blessed as I was with the original Animaniacs on TV and their propensity to sneak education into all the chaos of children's animation, I've just always found an indescribable joy in finding out some odd truth about a place. Particularly, a place that I have lived.

You may have also noticed that I am fascinated by state pride, and the things we do to profess our love for where we live. Colorado has no shortage of that pride, and it's always a particular thrill when it's put on display, for the whole country to see.

We're Colorado, and We're Proud of It!

Imagine my surprise, as I searched for fun factoids that I had not yet learned about the state I've called home for the last six years, to find a fun instance of both state pride and odd facts colliding! Denver 7 put together a fun little list of odd Colorado facts, and ended up leading the list with the one story I've found, so far, that truly embodies the Colorado spirit!

I mean, how else would you explain the fact that Denver, Colorado holds the distinction as the only city to have ever turned down the Olympics? That's right; the Olympics gave us the the Winter Games for 1976, and in true Colorado fashion, we saw what the bill would be and said, "Nah. We're good," and gave it back.

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If that's not Colorado, I don't know what is.

Especially when you consider some of the human, as well as ecnomic costs that we now know are associated with cities that hold the Olympics, there is something kind of awesome about being the home of the only city that has chosen not to do it. I'm not saying it makes Colorado and Coloradans heroes or anything. But I'm also not NOT saying that...

At any rate, it's something we can lord over Atlanta, Georgia.

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