Colorado has many attractions that are fun for the whole family or educational, but a very unique place exists right down the road from the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheater that is both. That place is called Dinosaur Ridge.

Location of Colorado's Dinosaur Ridge

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Dinosaur Ridge is located at 17681 W Alameda Pkwy, Golden, CO 80401. While the attraction is technically in Golden, it's just a stone's throw away from Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater.

In fact, you may have taken the first entrance to Red Rocks, driven right past the entrance to Dinosaur Ridge, and not even known it. Upon pulling onto the first road that takes you to Red Rocks, hang a quick right and you'll find yourself at Dinosaur Ridge.

How Can I Enjoy Colorado's Dinosaur Ridge?

There are many options as far as how to enjoy your trip to Dinosaur Ridge. There are bus tours, private group tours, a Morrison Dino Pass, weekend walking tours, guided tours with a Geologist, self-guided tours, and more.

In addition, there is an exhibit hall located right at the beginning of Dinosaur Ridge as well as the Morrison Natural History Museum that you can enjoy.

Prices for all of these options vary but kids' tickets are less than adults and children two years of age and under are typically free.

What Will I Find at Dinosaur Ridge?

As you make your way through Dinosaur Ridge, you'll start off by seeing numerous dinosaur sculptures which will lead you to real-life fossils. There are more fossilized dinosaur tracks than you can throw a stick at, as well as dinosaur bones and plenty of educational resources along the way.

In addition, Dinosaur Ridge has plenty of amazing views of Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater throughout.

Now that you know about Dinosaur Ridge, take a look at some photos of what you can expect to see at this fun and educational attraction:

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