Kids love balloons, and they love outer space, so this will be a great event for kids of all ages. Tens of thousands of balloons will be put together in Greeley, Colorado, to take you into another world while keeping your feet on the ground.

It's the Big Balloon Build, and for five days we'll witness the creativity and hours of hard work that goes into creating the balloon art. Tickets for the event will go toward helping abused and neglected children in the Northern Colorado area.

Big Balloon Build
Big Balloon Build

This event, being held at AIMS Community College in Greeley, is not only the Big Balloon Build, but it is a BIG deal, as it's only the fourth Big Balloon Build to be held in the U.S. The Aims Welcome Center Ballroom with be transformed into an immersive "Spece" experience built with more than 125,000 balloons.

The Big Balloon Build began in 2013 in the United Kingdom by a creator who (along with his team) used more than 100,000 balloons to make balloon sculptures for specific events, helping to raise funds for a local charity.

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The Greeley Big Balloon Build, July 20-24, 2023, will bring more than 75 balloon artists from across the globe to build the otherworldy experience here in Colorado.

Big Balloon Build
Big Balloon Build


The event benefits Life Stories Child and Family Advocacy, with tickets starting at $10 for most sessions, all of which sounds like a "blast," with the space-themed sculptures; kids 5 and under will get in for free.

On the last day of the display, there will be the "Big Balloon Pop," which has to be a ton of fun.

Local balloon artist Allison Dunning and her Balloon Art by Merry Makers company will be a part of the Big Balloon Build. Find ticket information for the Big Balloon Build. 

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