Jeep owners know that heading off into the backcountry opens up a whole new world here in Colorado. There is so much to see on Colorado's byways, Alpine Loops, and some of the older mountain passes.

Within the past two weeks, guests on a Jeep 4X4 Tour spotted one of Colorado's mountain lions out for a swim in the Eagle River near Gypsum, Colorado.

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A Mountain Lion Swimming in the Eagle River

I don't know that this mountain lion would have been able to swim all the way across the river in April or May, but now that the snowmelt and runoff are gone the waters are much easier for animals to cross. It still seems like a long swim.

Vail 4X4 Tours

This mountain lion was spotted during a Jeep tour hosted by Vail 4X4 Tours. They operate out of Eagle and offer city, group, and private tours. Some of the coolest Jeep tours offered during the summer months include the tour of Hornsilver Mountain, Red & White Mountain, Camp Hale National Monument, and the Piney River Ranch.

How Long Are Colorado Jeep Tours?

Vail 4X4 offers classic trail rides which last about four hours, and they also offer all-day rides that last for six to seven hours. These guys will pick you up at your hotel or residence (in the Eagle area) so you don't have to drive anywhere.

Wildlife seen during the tours can include marmots, deer, red-tailed hawks, pikas, and birds. Moose, bears, and elk can be seen as well but are not guaranteed.

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