The spring and summer months are the best time of the year to get out and enjoy Colorado's waterfalls. They are spread out all over the state giving residents a chance to visit different mountain ranges for some amazing photos.

If you are trying to see as many waterfalls as you could in one day, which part of Colorado would be the best place to go? Who has the largest concentration of waterfalls in one county?

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The Colorado County With the Most Waterfalls

Larimer County, Colorado is home to the most waterfalls in one county. This is thanks in part to the amazing Rocky Mountain National Park's location, and thanks to the Roosevelt National Forest. Larimer County is on top with 14 waterfalls (and a few more that are not part of the official count).

Which county has the most number of waterfalls in Colorado?
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Colorado Counties with Multiple Waterfalls

Larimer County is home to 14 waterfalls, and Boulder County is home to 10. You'll find 6 in Garfield County and 5 in both Hinsdale County and El Paso County. Both Ouray and San Miguel Counties are home to 3 different waterfalls.

The Many Waterfalls of Larimer County and Rocky Mountain National Park

Keep going to see each of these waterfalls found inside Rocky Mountain National Park and the Roosevelt National Forest:

  • Alberta Falls at Glacier Creek: Elevation 9406 feet.
  • Bridal Veil Falls at Cow Creek: Elevation 8907 feet.
  • Chasm Falls at Fall River: Elevation 9055 feet.
  • Columbine Falls: Elevation 11486 feet.
  • Fern Fallsat Fern Creek: Elevation 8812 feet.
  • Glacier Falls at Glacier Creek: Elevation 9878 feet.
  • Grace Falls at Fern Creek: Elevation 10269 feet.
  • Horseshoe Falls at Roaring River: Elevation 8940 feet.
  • Lost Falls at North Fork Big Thompson River: Elevation 9859 feet.
  • Marguerite Falls at Fern Creek: Elevation 9449 feet.
  • Poudre Falls at Cache la Poudre River: Elevation 8602 feet.
  • Ribbon Falls at Glacier Creek: Elevation 10571 feet.
  • Thousand Falls Sundance Creek: Elevation 9101 feet.
  • Timberline Falls at Icy Brook: Elevation 10462 feet.

One Colorado County is Home to 14 Beautiful Waterfalls

Where is the largest concentration of waterfalls in Colorado? If you guessed Larimer County, you are correct. With thirteen different waterfalls in Rocky Mountain National Park, and more in the Roosevelt National Forest, Larimer County has more waterfalls than anyplace else in Colorado. Let's take a look...

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