Colorado has a dark history regarding the treatment of Native Americans, but steps are being taken to create a brighter future.

In November of 2021,  "Squaw" was officially recognized as a derogatory term by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN) and an order was put in place to remove the word from federal use.

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What's In A Name/Word?

First things first, just because a word or name isn't personally offensive to you, doesn't mean that it's not offensive to others.

Words, symbols, and gestures are critical forms of communication that hold immense power. The way in which we communicate is a reflection of our personal beliefs and values.

This Isn't The First Time A Derogatory Term Was Replaced

Righting past wrongs isn't a new movement and is something that must be acknowledged before real progress can be made in our country.

In 1962, the BGN enacted a policy to remove a pejorative term for
African-Americans from geographical landmarks. The BGN also created a policy to remove derogatory terms relating to the Japanese from geographical landmarks in 1974.

It's now the 21st century and once again it's time for us to remove terms that are offensive or inappropriate.

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