It's no secret that native Coloradans aren't the biggest fans of visitors from out of state. Nowhere is that more true than with visitors from California, who are so derided in the Centennial State that I've often heard issues with an out-of-towner attributed to a 'Californian' that I knew for a fact was from Ohio.

Nevertheless, if you come to Colorado from the Golden State, you're working with a strike against you. It isn't fair, but very few things like this actually are. In fact, new charges have been brought in Boulder County court that may make a California driver's license even less desirable here.

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According to CBS News Colorado, 6 Californians have been charged with a litany of crimes in connection with a string of construction site burglaries across the Front Range. Prosecutors allege that the group had been traveling here since 2020, while simultaneously ripping off more than $1 million worth of construction property. And you thought that road trip to Florida you can't remember was wild.

The six alleged thieves are currently being held on bond, most for $1 million, while awaiting their day in court. They face 76 counts, not the least of which would be violations of Colorado's Organized Crime Control Act. If that sounds like the kind of law you'd hear about on Batman, you're not too far off. Suddenly, those burglary charges don't seem so intimidating, do they? The crew allegedly burglarized construction sites in Fort Collins, Denver, and Commerce City, among many other towns.

They were apprehended as part of a multi-agency operation with the codename Operation Wrecking Ball. If you're keeping score, that's now two for the Batman column on this crime. At this point, the only things we're missing are the silly costumes. Did anyone check the crime scenes for a themed limerick?

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