How Do You Like Your Hot Chocolate?

Should hot chocolate be made with water or milk? Would you drink a cup of hot milk by itself? People did and may yet. They added honey. Was great for sore throat.

However you love to warm up, we're talking about ways to upgrade that cup of chocolaty goodness beyond a few tiny marshmallows.

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Is there a Hot Chocolate Season?

If Pumpkin Spice season started on July 30th, when does the Hot Chocolate season start? Is there one? I feel it's a year-round option although I'll deny saying this next August at the Mesa County Fairgrounds.

Hot Chocolate is good to go wherever you are. If you drink it in the morning instead of coffee open our station app and tell us how you keep it interesting.

What Is the Deal with Tiny Marshmallows Anyway?

On a side note, when drinking instant hot chocolate from a packet, why do the marshmallows always disappear moments after you add them? Why can't they give you real tiny marshmallows? Real marshmallows don't instantly disappear. Do they?

Grand Junction's Hot Chocolate Upgrades

Standouts include an intriguing option from Kacy Rohde of adding some cayenne pepper to your mug. Dejah adds orange or lavender to hot chocolate, and you'll have to scroll on to see the idea of adding those mini candy bars left over from Halloween to your next hot chocolate. Woohoo!

Colorado Shares 26 Amazing Ways to Upgrade Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate season has officially arrived. No matter if you make it with milk, hot water, or some atrocious substitute, we all love to add extras. What do you love adding to a big mug of hot chocolate? Grand Junction sent in 26 delicious variations of hot chocolate so it's time to get warmed up.

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