It's a phrase many millennials recognize instantly:

So, if you don't like swearing or angry people from Wisconsin, then turn your mother-effing camera off now. I just got back from Bath & Body Works...

And now, so will Gen Z.

The infamous Appleton, Wis., Bath & Body Works candle rant by YouTube user Az4Angela has gone viral again 10 years later — this time on TikTok.

The rant was recently imitated — to incredible accuracy, props includes — in a series of videos by @the.localhedgewitch on TikTok.

"I knew that one day this would somehow come in handy," she captioned part one of her take on the iconic candle rant.

Her TikToks have even gotten the attention of celebrities.

"THIS VIDEO IS SO ICONIC," popular influencer Chris Klemens commented on the TikTok.

Meanwhile, actor Patton Oswalt tweeted that @the.localhedgewitch's perfect imitation should be studied in acting classes.

"NEVER FORGET about Jen from Appleton," one person replied, referencing the Bath & Body Works manager who the woman in the original video slams in her rant.

Others joked about the rant by warning people not to shop for candles in Appleton.

The viral TikToks have exposed a whole new generation to the infamous YouTube video rant.

In a YouTube video uploaded in 2012, Az4Angela shared how her fraught search for holiday candles led her to Appleton, Wis., where she encountered a Bath & Body Works store manager named Jen.

She recounted how she demanded free merchandise after the Appleton store failed to produce her beloved winter candles, before detailing how she was instead stuck with the not-so-seasonal Peach Bellini.

"Give me my candles now, meaning, my Peach Bellinis," she said in the YouTube video before pausing to take a long inhale of the candle. "And I was on my merry f---ing way."

She wound down the saga by adding a warning for Jen: "And that b---- Jen, you know what I'm gonna do, Jen? I'm calling your district manager. I'm telling them what happened and what you did and how you f---ed up ... your ass is gonna get reamed."

Watch the original candle rant video, below:

According to the Post Crescent, Az4Angela loves the new surge of popularity the video has received. "I love that I get to connect with so many amazing people on the internet," she said.

And, of course, Az4Angela herself responded to the viral TikTok videos, re-posting the first one along with the caption: "The BEST I have ever seen! Jen is still dead to me."

Az4Angela's passion for Bath & Body Works' Winter Candy Apple and Iced Gingerbread candles even allegedly inspired the "candle girl" character on the TV series Scream Queens.

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