Sure, it's awesome that Colorado is now a part of the fancy Michelin Guide, which only started to include American restaurants in 2005, but do you know what its origin is?

Think about it: These are recommended restaurants that you may want to go out of your way to enjoy. That right there is the "hook, line, and sinker."


The gentleman above is exactly the kind of guy I'd expect to see when it comes to who judges restaurants for "Michelin Star" status. Snooty. He's had some terrible food over the years, and he's angry about it.

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Maybe like you, I'm all for restaurants being recognized for great food, atmosphere, service, attitude, etc. Maybe like me, you weren't aware of how Colorado's new Michelin Star-rated restaurants, are now a part of a scheme.



You work hard for your money; when you go out for a fancy dinner, you want it to count. so you may travel a bit further to find "just the right place."

That is not to say that restaurants that get rated by the Michelin Guide and/or receive a "star" rating from Michelin don't deserve their ranking. It just all seems tainted, to me.


This whole thing dates back to the early 1900s when the two Michelin brothers who started the Michelin Tire company were looking for a way to sell more tires.

They decided to put together a guide to restaurants, hotels, mechanics, gas stations, and such. A guide of things you might want to check out while driving your car. They were trying to get more cars on the road, and thus, more Michelin tires were needed.

Ooh, look dear: 'A wonderful 4-course meal with superior wine options..'

Honey, that's 300 miles from here.

Guess we'll need to finally buy that car we've been talking about...


Here we are, over 120 years later, helping Michelin sell more tires.

Again, not to say that the restaurants featured aren't wonderful, but maybe think about it when it comes to how many miles you'll be putting on your tires to enjoy one of those recommended spots.

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