A woman in Colorado followed her instincts and spoke up when she made a horrendous discovery.

According to a report from the Gazette, Jackie Sarchett, a Colorado Springs resident, heard muffled cries coming from a trunk on Saturday, October 8, while she was cleaning up at her local neighborhood park.

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Colorado Woman Makes Disturbing Discovery

Upon further investigation, the woman determined the cries to be puppies that were locked inside a car trunk. Sarchett made a call to the Colorado Springs Police Department, but they told her nothing could be done.

Sarchett then returned home to enlist the help of her son while some other good samaritans called the Humane Society.

Authorities Were Aware of Puppy Problem

Sarchett learned that other neighbors had called the police the night before to report the puppies in the trunk, but had also been told there was nothing to be done and that the puppies were being cared for.

An animal enforcement officer from the Humane Society eventually arrived on the scene and told Sarchett and others that her "hands were tied."

Sarchett told the officer that her son would open the trunk with a crowbar if need be because the puppies had stopped crying and they were fearful that they were dead.

Trunk Puppies Saved...For Now

The animal enforcement officer alerted her supervisor, who in turn called the Colorado Springs Police Department. 4 officers arrived at the park and located the owner of the vehicle, and ordered him to open the trunk.

Sarchett finally was able to see the puppies she was so desperate to save but was not at all relieved to see 12, 3-week-old pitbull puppies with no access to water or food and covered in urine and feces.

The man received a warning from the animal enforcement officer and was allowed to keep the puppies.

Cody Costra, spokesman for the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region told the Gazette that an officer has “already viewed and verified that the puppies are being cared for now — not in the vehicle."

Since animals are considered property in Colorado, authorities would need a warrant or extenuating circumstances in order to seize them. Apparently, puppies locked in car trunks for days without food and water is not an extenuating circumstance.

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