When I came across this listing for a cabin in Breckenridge, I knew that I had to share it with you all. To me, I don't think I could find any more of a perfect getaway home than this one.

This cabin located at 551 Doris Drive in Breckenridge, Colorado is listed for $2.45 million on Realtor and is reminiscent of a fairy tale cabin. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 2,100 square feet make up the living quarters. Two acres of land with a year-round streaming creek and clean mountain air will refresh your senses the moment you step foot outside.

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Speaking of the year-round creek, this cabin has a really unique feature. In the main bedroom, you will find a glass floor to view the creek that runs directly below. The rustic charm throughout the cabin will transport you to your own piece of Colorado Rocky Mountain paradise.

This Breckenridge Cabin Has a Creek Running Under the Floor

This cabin in the mountains of Colorado has a creek running under the master bedroom.

Prospective buyers of the Breckenridge cabin built in 1974 can expect to pay approximately $1167 per square foot of living space. For more information on this storybook cabin, you can see the listing in its entirety on Realtor.

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