After weed became legalized in 2014, Colorado blazed the trail for the budding cannabis industry.

Nine years later, more than a thousand marijuana dispensaries have popped up around the state, sparking an entirely new business category that's boosting the local economy.

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But with so many pot shops around the state, dispensaries have to work hard to stand out from one another.

Part of that means coming up with a creative store name and having high hopes it will help draw people in.

20 of the Wittiest Weed Store Names in Colorado

In no particular order, here are some of the most cleverly named marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.

The World’s Largest Outdoor Marijuana Retail Farm is In Colorado

Los Suenos Farms is located in Southwestern Colorado and is the world’s largest outdoor retail cultivator of marijuana in the world.

Tour Colorado’s ‘Medicine Man Weed Factory’ Marijuana Facility

Take a virtual tour of Colorado’s ‘Medicine Man Weed Factory’ and check out all of their marijuana growing operations.

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