Here today and gone tomorrow. That's the nature of business.

Sometimes we just don't know a good thing until it's gone. That's exactly how I feel about a lot of businesses that have left the Grand Junction landscape in the last 15 years or so. These are businesses that somehow I didn't fully appreciate when they were here.

The question of Grand Junction businesses we miss comes up from time to time, and everybody has their own list. I posed the question on Facebook and got a nice variety of answers - some of which are on my list of businesses I personally miss.

Some folks, who have been around these parts way longer than me go deep into the past for closed businesses they still pine for. That's a list that includes places like Shakey's and Woolworth's. Some names are barely recognizable like Skippers and Paco's Tacos. Then there are some more popular choices like Mervyn's and Johnny Carinos.

I've only been in Grand Junction for 18 years, but I've seen plenty of businesses come and go during that time. It's a long list. In fact, the list of businesses I have forgotten about may be longer than my list of ones I remember. But, I came up with a list of 11 businesses that have closed down since I came to Grand Junction - some more recent and others from years ago.

I didn't think I'd miss them, but, as it turns out, I really do.

11 Grand Junction Businesses I Didn't Think I'd Miss, But I Do

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Grand Junction Changing Through the Years


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