There are rules and laws in all states. Like curfews for underage, and no texting and driving. You should honestly not be on your cell phone in any state while driving. I've even heard of putting on makeup is a distraction, duh.

Here are some unbreakable rules Coloradans must abide by. A few are a little weird. In Aspen, it is illegal to throw snowballs in public. In Sterling, you can not dye your pet's hair. You should all know by now you must have a front license plate on your vehicle in Colorado. Did you know Car dealerships may not show cars on Sundays?

In Boulder, you can not roll boulders onto city property. You also can not put a couch on your porch if you live in Boulder Colorado. It is also illegal to ride a horse while under the influence of alcohol statewide in Colorado, but why would you anyway.

Now, this is a weird law in Pueblo Colorado Dandelions can not grow more than 10 inches tall on your property. Did you know you can not ski intoxicated in Vail Colorado?

The rule in Westminister is you can not allow anyone to park closer than two feet from you. There are a few others I'm sure I missed. Make sure you abide by the rules while visiting Colorado.

10 Unbreakable Rules Colorado

Colorado Rules

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