One of the most challenging things for me when moving to a new area is finding a colorist/hairdresser. I admit I'm becoming a lot pickier about it. If my hair looks terrible, I'm just not happy.

What are you looking for in a hairdresser?

One that listens, and understands your hair needs. They do change as you get older. For me please cover any gray already.

What makes a good colorist?

I think of color as an art. Just because we want hair like Jennifer Aniston's it doesn't mean it will happen. My hair for example pulls red, and that's the one color I don't want.

Does cost matter to you?

Of course, but my hair looking good is well worth the price. Of course, I've paid a lot and had it look not good too.

You probably have a favorite stylist in Montrose already. I admit I've tried a few. I hope this list from yelp helps you find a great one. I recommend Salon Polished, and I  have been to Reign a Beauty collectively,  Erin's Chop shop, and the color connection. Make sure to call before you go, things may have changed since these were rated.

Montrose 10 Highest Rated Hair Salons According to Yelp

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